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Saturday, September 30th, 2023 2:54 PM

AT&T unlock request

Hi my name is Salman , from Pakistan. Recently i have baught an iphone 13 pro max from local market . Its AT&T locked and i want it to b unlocke. I forwarded request to AT&T support but now they are claiming this phone is stolen . I have all the recipts and box of this phone . I have a request to please remove blacklist and unlock this request. Its a request please. And please look into my case 

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2 months ago

If a phone is reported lost or stolen, it’s blacklisted, and only the person who put the phone on the blacklist can get it removed from the blacklist.  Sine you bought an AT&T phone in Pakistan, where AT&T doesn’t sell phones, you bought a lost or stolen phone.  Unfortunately, you were scammed.  Get your money back from the seller.  No one is going to look into your case and AT&T won’t unlock the phone.

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