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Friday, September 8th, 2023 10:01 AM

APN nrbroadband can not connect to AT&T internet

Test AT&T sim card with four APN (broadband, nrbroadband, empty, phone) , except APN nrbroadband cann’t connect well, the other APN(broadband, empty, phone) is connect successfully and show they connected to LTE BAND 2. 

Check with reject reason from log (APN nrbroadband ) , it show "Requested service option not subscribed" .

Community Support


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3 months ago

Hi Chris_Nura, we can understand your concern with getting your device connected to our network and want to provide you with all needed information.

AT&T uses a variety of technologies and frequencies to support our network.

We highly recommend Requirements to enjoy the 4G LTE network experience to confirm your device is compatible in the U.S. then Program data settings for a non-AT&T device to compare APN settings. 

Please be advised that our network only supports the "Elevate 4G (AC754S)" internet device from Sierra Wireless. (Feel free to check your device compatibility online)

Also, Have you tried programming your data settings to Broadband? If not, we suggest giving it a try. 

In addition, you can check out Mobile Hotspot Solutions to find out why you may be having trouble with your connection and, check the link for APN SETTINGS.

Let us know how this helps! For any further assistance, we are here to help.

JennieW, AT&T Community Specialist


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3 months ago


Thanks for your reply!

We have try "broadband" already , and it only connect  4G LTE .

And our device will auto load APN "nrbroadband" when insert AT&T sim card.

We want directly use "nrbroadband" to connect to internet .

Questions are :

1. Is APN "nrbroadband"  5G NSA? And is our AT&T sim card need add some special 5G provision , and then APN "nrbroadband" can be used ?


2.Our test area is near San Francisco Bay Area , is the area working with APN "nrbroadband"?

Many thanks!!

ACE - Professor


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3 months ago

Moving to wireless section.  

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3 months ago

Thank you for reaching out. We hear you, and happy to assist you with this @Chris_Nura!


To address your inquiry, AT&T SIM card needs to be exchanged with a 5G labeled SIM card. Please visit our nearest AT&T store and, they will be happy to assist you with this.

San Francisco Bay does have a 5G coverage. For more information please visit our website to check the ⁠coverage.


For data settings please visit our website about ⁠Program data settings for your device.


For further assistance, we are always here to help!



Nate, AT&T Community Forum Specialist

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