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Monday, December 20th, 2021 11:14 PM

ATT is a horrible company

They don't care about their customers. ATT is a typical soul less corporation. If there was any justice in the world, ATT would burn in (Edited per community guidelines).

I'm a victim of fraudulent equipment purchases to my wireless account. I noticed, and tried to tell ATT as soon as I found out (after some one financed a new iphone not even associated with my phone number).

To actually get to speak to some one in customer service was a holy nightmare. When I finally did, they gave me these mealy mouthed, canned and scripted answers to my questions. Finally, some one transferred me to the fraud department, where I had to go through that friggen merry-go-round voice mail entry process, which just sent me back to customer service. That went on for several hours.

Finally, I just filled out the fraud form online. The next day, the fraud department locked my account. They called me and explained to me why they did this, and removed the fraudulent purchase made to my account.

The fraud department associated named Maria gave me instructions to unlock my account, and this involved calling customer service or 611. After speaking to several people, they said there was no way for them to unlock my account or help me since my account had been locked by the fraud department.

In other words, none of the instructions Maria provided to me about how to unlock the account worked.

Screw ATT. I'm closing my account and going over to T-Mobile.

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4 months ago

when will our politicians step in and stop all the stealing and abuse of customers! promises made but never kept by at&t 

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