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Wednesday, July 19th, 2023 9:24 PM

AT&T can't text me a code, which I always use to get into my account. Can't access account. Need to go to store?

Trying to change my credit card autopay to bank details and the short code they send to get into my account online or app doesn't arrive. I have called, they have tried over and over. Of course it's my fault I cannot get into my account because I don't remember the passcode, which I have never used. I probably set it up 2 decades ago. All my banks are easier to access, they always have an alternative. My own carrier cannot get a message with a code to me!!!??? I do get other messages from them though. This seems like utter incompetence. This cannot be fixed without getting into my account! To do that I need to go to a store, which I don't have time to do. Any suggestions?

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5 months ago

We understand your frustration with not being able to receive short codes, ronitc.


Our first recommendation would be to view our forums thread on not receiving notification codes


There are 3 primary reasons you may not be receiving verification codes, and we'll be providing steps to resolve each of them below.

  • A customer has inadvertently opted out of receiving the codes (most common) - To resolve this issue, simply send the word "Help" to the code you are wanting to receive from.  You should receive a message back advising how to opt back in.
    • If you do not receive any response back, you may have blocked this number within your device.  You'll want to go to your blocked numbers list and remove it (on iPhone Go to Settings > Messages > Blocked.)
  • Short Code Provider Issue (less common) - At times, the company sending the short codes can experience delays/outages when sending codes to customers.  I have experience this myself with a credit card company.  If you aren't getting codes after doing step 1 above, we recommend contacting the company sending the code to ensure there are no issues on their end.
  • AT&T Short Code Network Issue (Rare) - If you are still having issues receiving these codes, and have tried all other steps, you can escalate your issue to us via customer care (or asking a question in the forums).  There may be a back end issue causing you to not receive these codes, but it is very uncommon.  We can file a ticket at this point to determine if it's an issue on our end.

Overall, most issues with Short Code problems can be resolved by texting "Help" to the short code to re-setup your ability to receive these codes.  The second most common is customers accidentally blocking the code via their device.


Our second recommendation would be to reset your network settings. Please be sure you have your current make and device model selected. 


Our third recommendation would be to make sure your device has the latest software update

  1. Go to Device Support.
  2. Choose or change the device brand and model.
  3. Select Device diagram.
  4. Scroll to More Device Help and select Software updates if it’s there. You’ll only see it if there’s an update for the selected device.

Our fourth recommendation would be to confirm that you don't have your messages blocked


Please let us know if this helps. If not, we can continue offering you further troubleshooting steps. Thanks so much for reaching out to AT&T Community Forums!


Nelson, AT&T Community Specialist

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5 months ago

Are there other lines on the account that are receiving the messages? It's strange that everything works fine except receiving this particular code. 

Taking the time to go to an AT&T store is probably the quickest fix. You can also file a BBB complaint which will get escalated to someone at the office of the president, who has more abilities to address difficult or strange issues.

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