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Monday, February 26th, 2018 9:28 PM

Traveling? Need Access To Wi-Fi? There Is An App For That!

Global_Wi_Fi.pngTraveling? Wondering where you can connect to Wi-Fi? With one of our qualifying international packages, the wondering game is over. Download the Global Wi-Fi app now.


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How To Connect & Find Participating Wi-Fi Hotspots

  1. Open the AT&T Global Wi-Fi app.
  2. From the Status screen, locate the Search for Hotspots section and then search using one of the following options:

- Search on Map: Enter a city and country name to locate AT&T international Wi-Fi hotspots in a city you'll visit.

- Find Nearby Hotspots: Wi-Fi networks within range will be displayed on the map and listed under the List option at the top right corner of the screen. For location detail, zoom in and select a pin displayed on the map or select list view.

  1. To automatically connect to an available Hotspot:

- View hotspots within range in the app: Participating AT&T Global partner and public international Wi-Fi hotspots within signal range are listed on the Status screen under AT&T Global Wi-Fi Hotspots and Public Hotspots.

- Connect to a hotspot: If you have auto sign in turned on in the app Settings screen, your smartphone or tablet may connect automatically, a check mark next to the hotspot name confirms a successful connection. You should now be able to use data over the Wi-Fi hotspot.

 To manually connect to a Hotspot:

  • iPhone® and iPad®: Go to the iPhone/iPad device Settings menu and select Wi-Fi. Select a network hotspot that has the subtext, AT&T Global Wi-Fi, listed below it. If there are none, select one of the public hotspots listed.
  • Android smartphones and tablets: In the AT&T Global Wi-Fi app, select an available hotspot from the list to connect. A check mark to the right of the hotspot name confirms a successful hotspot connection.


To view the list of countries where Wi-Fi access is available, go to


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Community Support


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6 years ago

Traveling overseas? Wondering how you will connect to Wi-Fi? Check out our article above to learn how!


ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist 



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6 years ago

Now that the AT&T Global WIFI app is being discontinued on April 1, 2018 in the middle of our international trip, what options do we have for replacement?

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