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Saturday, July 26th, 2014 7:49 AM

Non-Subscriber Microcell

I live in an area with very little AT&T coverage. I am runing a Bed and Breakfast and poor cell coverage is my number one complaint. Is it possible to hook up an AT&T MicroCell without having an AT&T account? I would love for my AT&T using guests to get better coverage if at all possible.


Bill Phelps


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9 years ago


Hello @air1jwp 


Thank you for posting, this is a good question. Unfortunately the answer is no, you can't have a Microsell without an active AT&T account. Another issue is that phone numbers have to be added to its system to be able to use it and then removed, so a lot of maintenance is involved. It supports up to 10 numbers total, and only 3 numbers can use it at the same time... as you can see, it's not designed for commercial use.


You might want to look into other GSM boosters, I don't have any good information on those so I can't recommend one, but I know they have them on Amazon and other online stores.




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