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Monday, July 9th, 2018 8:29 PM


I have been told by 4  different Technical support reps that a software code has been added to my 4 accounts because I went over a predetermined monthly data usage on my "UNLIMITED DATA PLAN ".  I am told also that ATT does not know how to remove the code that by the terms of my agreement should at least go back to full speed each month with my billing cycle. I find impossible to believe that ATT revenue with 156.67 million wireless subscribers would not have competent software engineers to solve this problem immediately, Could this be an attempt by ATT top take advantage of the elimination of NET NEUTRALITY. Shame on our US Congress!


On another issue with ATT/ Direct TV.  I have been told by Direct TV reps that since the rollout of their new platform earlier this year that they have received many complaints by users by how it is not very user-friendly. I would go one step further in that it is almost impossible to navigate.  Also, it has lost its ability to interface with my Onkyo receiver.


Over my 20 years plus years with  Direct TV never had an issue with this service until ATT got involved. What is the revenue of 20 million plus generate? 


In both wireless and satellite, it is obvious to me that ATT care not to pay for the best Engineers/Coders but instead values shareholders over customer satisfaction!

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