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Wednesday, March 28th, 2018 11:01 PM

Ethernet Connection [ PLEASE HELP! I'M DESPERATE ]

So I live in an apartment and I have to deal with a problem of having my DSL Jack and DSL Filter across the room in the kitchen and I really want to use an ethernet cable. To gain ethernet connection, I'd have to move my HEAVY PC to the kitchen and use ethernet, going back the forth from my desk to kitchen which is a HUGE hassle. Recently, I have spotted a CAT5 Jack near my desk connected to the wall and I would like to ask if a CAT5 Jack would be similar to my DSL Jack in the kitchen. If they are similar, wouldn't it be possible to connect the DSL cable to the CAT5 Jack and finally gain ethernet access? 

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6 years ago

Hi @HM0968,

Let’s see if we can make your Ethernet access simpler.

To test the port, you can move your DSL modem to your office with an RJ-45 (Ethernet) cable to a RJ-11 (phone jack) adapter. If the port is active, you’ll be able to see the connected internet light on your modem. If it does not show internet access on the modem, this means the port is not active and you will need to continue to use the RJ-11 port in the kitchen. You could then connect an Ethernet cable to the DSL modem as usual to gain internet access to the computer.

Alternatively, you could use a longer Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi to connect to the modem in the kitchen if you do not wish to move your DSL modem.

Here is a support article for Wi-Fi gateways and modems which includes troubleshooting and equipment details, which you might find useful.

I hope this helps.

Heidi, AT&T Community Specialist

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