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Tuesday, August 9th, 2022 6:12 AM

DO NOT take ATT international roaming - not reliable

I'm on a shot vacation and outside US. I have selected ATT international roaming and now spending daily 3-4 hours trying to fix the phone connection. Tried to sort out by chatting with ATT agents and the agent left the chat while in conversation. 

Pasting the transcript here. 

[Camilo] : For now, everything seems good here at my end ☺

[Me] : I tried calling the number, its saying number not valid 

[Camilo] : (Edited per community guidelines)

[Camilo] : please try

[Me] : yes, same 

[Me] : is my international roaming working o?

[Me] : ok?

[Camilo] : That's correct

[Me] : then why am I not able to connect any of the services, not even calls

[Camilo] : In this moment I can see on my end that your international is working in perfect conditions, please check that your roaming is on. However if it does not work no worries, I will connect you with the specialist tech support department tomorrow I can set up a callback for you to the number that you want and they will help you quickly with all the tools that they have and everything will be solved, no worries. May I which phone number can I call you to connect you?

[Me] : +91 **********

[Me] : And Can I get a refund on all international roaming related charges until this issue is fixed?

[Camilo] : I'll set up the callback for you, I'll involve my manager for further explanations, any credit will be up to my manager

***Camilo transferred chat to Lizeth***

***Lizeth's here to help!***

[Lizeth] : Hello, my name is Lizeth, manager in charge.

[Me] : Hello

[Lizeth] : You must wait until tomorrow morning to make sure you'll receive our callback from our tech international dept. to help you with this.

[Lizeth] : Is there anything else I can assist you with?

[Me] : I need a confirmation that I'm not charged anything related to international roaming until this issue is fixed

***We are sorry, but the agent was disconnected, please wait for agent reconnect***

[Me] : hi

***We apologize for the unexpected delay, an agent should be with you very soon***

***Agent reconnected***

[Me] : hi

[Lizeth] : Hi! My name is Jerard.  I'm happy to help! Please give me a moment to review your request.

[Me] : ok

[Lizeth] : It seems that you were invalidly transferred to me

[Lizeth] : I apologize for that, but as I've read the previous agent's manager will call you tomorrow

[Me] : I'm tired of this.. 

[Me] : pls transfer to the manager now

[Lizeth] : I am a manager but from a different location

[Me] : I dont need to know that

[Me] : transfer to the right manager now

[Me] : I'm on a short vacation and daily spending 3-4 hours fixing the phone connection and paying the premium price to att

[Me] : this is atrocious.. 

[Me] : At least, I need a confirmation that I will not be charged until this issue is fixed, if you cannot help me with it, transfer to your manager  

***We are sorry, but the agent was disconnected, please wait for agent reconnect***

***We apologize for the unexpected delay, an agent should be with you very soon***

***Lizeth has left the chat***

Bye for now! We hope we helped.

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Accepted Solution

ACE - Sage


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1 year ago

AT&T's International day pass has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not your phone can work in another country.  Day pass does not allow, and it also does not prevent your phone from connecting to a foreign Network. The connection is entirely between your phone and the technology that another country uses.

And since International day pass does not charge you unless you use service by connecting to a foreign Network there would be nothing to refund.  Conversely, if it did, you get a $10 per day charge. 

If you brought a flagship iPhone or Samsung to another country there's absolutely no reason it would not work if you turn roaming on. 

 If you brought a cheap phone with you, inexpensive phones that are made for AT&T prepaid do not have enough Hardware to connect outside of North America.

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