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Sat, Jun 25, 2022 11:44 PM

Cell tower

Sorry in advance for the long post here, but i feel it's necessary to explain this in detail so i dont keep being told to restart my phone to fix the issue..

We live on Bland Rd , Estill Springs TN. We live In a rural area and are long time AT&T customers with 5 wireless lines. We have never had service issues until about 9 days ago, when overnight we lost all usable service. Normally we are connected to the AT&T 5ge network with no issues. Now though , at best we might get 1 bar ..-127--132dbm , but most of the time we aren't connected to the AT&T network at all. When we do have 1 bar, it's useless. Can't text, can't call and definitely can't use mobile data. I've called customer support a couple times, did all the self help fixes, like network refresh etc... nothing has worked. We live exactly 1.4 miles from the cellular tower that our phones would normally connect to when the service was good. We live southwest of this tower and if you drive around the tower... such as drive 1.5 miles north, east or west of the tower and you will/be connected to that tower on band 2 with good reception. Its not until you are south/southwest of that tower , then all of a sudden the reception drops off and our devices start trying to connect to towers on bands 12,14,66 that too far away to provide adequate signal. I've also checked around with some of our neighbors and It's not just our service that is affected, everyone who lives on our road or the vicinity and who has service with AT&T mobile or Cricket wireless is having the same service issues. (Cricket wireless uses the AT&T network incase you didn't know). Due to the area we live at and how far our house is off the rd, we don't have any viable broadband internet or land line options, so our mobile service is a pretty important part of day to day lives. I called AT&T technical support a couple of times, i was told that someone would call me back on my conpany issued working verizon phone line within 24-48 hrs regarding the issue but sadly ive never recieved a call back Unfortunately, will have to switch to Verizon if this isn't addressed soon by AT&T.   Surely there is a higher tier  support department at AT&T  that helps fix these type things? If anyone can help or guide me the right direction, I'd be greatly appreciative. I'd really rather not have to switch to verizon.


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What you describe sure sounds like some sort of change was made on that tower. Short of filing an FCC or BBB complaint, which will get a response from corporate, it is near impossible to get an issue like this escalated to the network operations team.  Unfortunately, ATT retired their “mark the spot” app, that used to be a great way to get network metrics collected and sent directly to the folks that monitor tower performance. I suggest you do file an FCC complaint. That should at least get the right support people involved.


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Hello @Lawrence88, We need to get to the bottom of your reception for you.


Thank you @sandblaster, for explaining what the mark the spot app was used for. We now offer the Smart Home Manager app.


We can do an escalation for our AT&T customers for service issues such as yours.

.Let’s meet in a Direct Message to discuss the tower outage you are having. Please check your Direct Message Inbox (it’s the chat icon next to the bell icon in the upper right corner of the Forums).


In the meantime you can learn about outages in your area, just choose which service and follow the directions in the article.


 We look forward to hearing back from you!


Danielle, AT&T Community Specialist

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