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Thursday, September 21st, 2023 11:01 PM


Why do I only get 4glte when I use to get 5G nothing changed on my end. My other phone gets 5G why don't both get 5G. 

Community Support


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3 months ago

Hi @ Bulldozerlarry, we’re here to provide you the information you need. Let's point you to the right direction!

Follow these tips if your mobile data isn't working.

  • Turn your phone off and back on. 
  • Make sure mobile data or cellular data is turned on.
  • Disconnect from Wi-Fi® to test your mobile data.
  • Turn off airplane mode.

Still can’t access data. Explore device-specific instructions

Let us know if the above steps helped and feel free to get back to us if you have any questions. We’re happy to help!

Thanks for contacting our AT&T Community!

Antony, AT&T Community Specialist

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3 months ago

I talked to Luis, in Mexico, he got my phone working. I have talked to many of your people, including supervisor's more than one, and a supervisor of supervisors, they didn't have a clue and they told me to bad. I was ready to switch to another company, but Luis saved the day he was great, and easy to understand. One last Thank You to Luis!!!

ACE - Expert


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3 months ago

@Bulldozerlarry  What kind of phone and what did "Luis" do? That information might be helpful to others who have a similar issue.

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