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Wednesday, May 25th, 2022 1:27 AM

5G at my house guaranteed

Just want to put a post on here about how corrupt AT&T is.  When switching over from TMOBILE to AT&T, I was guaranteed in the store that my house would have full 5G no problem.  So I signed up, get home and I don't have any service.  I called in and was on the phone over 2 hours passed from this department to that department.  Finally got to a department that had a technical network knowledge and he told me my house wasn't covered by AT&T.  So what a huge lie to get my business.  Then on top of that I have AT&T FIBER, it went out for 3 days and I work at home.  The reason it went out is because the installer ran the cable from the other side of the road, under the road and up a ditch in the water!  At the time the water was calm, but when we get huge rain storms it rages, and knocked out my internet.  I make $90/hour so 3 full days is a lot of money, but I didn't have the cell phone backup to hotspot from because I have no signal in my house - had to take vacation.  So then lastly, I am switching back to TMOBILE and went to unlock my phones.  When I get to the last button, it says network is down try again later.  All the other functions on the page worked, but not that.  I tried again a few more times and then it said "for my protection my account has been locked because of too many attempts try again in 24 hours."  Attempts at unlocking my phones where your previous message told me to try again later.  This is blatant stall tactics because they know unlocking a phone usually means the customer is leaving.  Such a bunch of crap - they should be hit with fines for these actions.  They think they are slick, but I am a cyber guy and know a thing or two about networks and computers.  This is the worst cell phone company I have every been associated with.


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1 year ago

"guaranteed in the store".... Which store? An Authorized Reseller, which is an independently owned and operated business separate from AT&T, and which is not staffed by AT&T employees, or an AT&T Corporate Store? One will say just about anything to make a sale. If it was a confirmed Corporate Store, then file a complaint with the BBB because those will go straight to Corporate and you'll get a call from the Office of the President.

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