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Monday, January 14th, 2019 12:52 AM

Phone Number got Ported from Tracfone to MYAT&T Prepaid instead of Designated Carrier

Hi, I recently purchased a GSM Unlocked Prepaid AT&T Maven ZTE Z812 Phone. I wanted to transfer my old phone number from my previous tracfone to the new ZTE Z812 phone. I contacted the carrier (MintMobile) that I wanted to use for my new ZTE Z812 and requested a port from tracfone to send it over. Tracfone allowed the port and ported out my phone number except MintMobile didn't accept it and return an error that the Security Pin from tracfone was incorrect. When I contacted Tracfone they told me that I no longer had service with them as I had ported out. My number got ported out but didn't get accepted by mintmobile so now it is in limbo land. When I went on a carrier lookup site and searched for my old cell phone number it said that MYAT&T was the carrier, however I don't even have an account with MYAT&T prepaid. How can I get my number ported back to the correct carrier (MintMobile)?



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5 years ago

Tracfone uses ATT’s network, that is why the search showed ATT. ATT can’t help you. You need tracfone to fix.

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