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Monday, January 9th, 2023 8:20 PM

I am a tourist who had ATT number for the last 2-3 months while in the US - how long can this go unused before the number is reassigned?

Per subject line- I have recently spent a few months stateside and am hoping to return in April/May - I have a US number from ATT prepaid and am hoping to keep the same number. I know back home here (New Zealand) if a number isnt used for a specific amount of time it is reassigned back into the pool of available numbers. 

Does anyone know how long ATT gives you before they recirculate it? 

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11 months ago

A prepaid account is automatically closed and the number lost if the account balance is $0 for more than 60 days. In other words, once you stop paying for your plan, your account is closed 60 days after your plan expires.

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