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Thursday, September 28th, 2023 4:50 PM

Having Trouble getting phone on

I switched over carriers using prepaid, and transferred number, for some reason they are mailing a eSIM , and they never sent me account information to login. And on top of that my phone is showing SOS only and customer service in person is not helping because my number that I had transferred is not showing up on there system, but it’s showing up on prepaid system but their not able to give me a pin code , nor are their able to send me one , I have no service for text message. What to do ? 

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2 months ago

If they're sending you a SIM card that means you don't have one yet. Service is delivered through a SIM card whether it's a physical sim or an embedded SIM card. Until your SIM card arrives, you don't have service.

They may have authenticated the port process but it will not be completed until your SIM arrives and you activate it. Meantime your previous service should still function.  Does it? By the way it has to be active in order for the port to complete. Do not cancel or stop paying for your previous service until the port to AT&T has been done

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2 months ago

Greetings and welcome to AT&T family @ JamesChamp23!


We're sorry to hear you're having difficulties with porting over your number. Allow us to get you on the right path!

Special thanks to our ACE @formerlyknownas for their quick response!


Please know that our AT&T wireless port activation team would be able to further look into why the specific mobile number isn’t transferred. Feel free to reach out to them at: 888.898.7685 for additional assistance.


To answer your question regarding the services, the services would be up and running once the port is complete and activated.

We hope this helps, thanks for reaching out to us.


Antony, AT&T Community Specialist 

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