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Tuesday, August 18th, 2015 5:22 AM

Data cap on non-high speed data

I'm using an iphone 4 on a $45 Go Phone smartphone plan that includes 1.5 GB of 4G data.  I was told by three of my local reps, including the store manager, that only the 4G data is limited to that 1.5GB and that 3G and under is unlimited.  


Why is it then that my phone's 3G data is being randomly capped after using 3.3GB of data?  I could understand if I had rollover data left and it capped with that use, but rollover only goes one month, which could lead to a max on 3GB if I used none of my previous month's data, which is not the case.


The only answer the reps could give me was to call customer service, who just tried to make me buy more data.

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8 years ago

Unlimited nationwide Talk, Text & Data Usage
Includes 1.5GB of Data Usage at device speed; thereafter at speeds up to 128Kbps for the rest of the 30-day term.
Actual speeds vary by device and location.
Rollover Data: Unused high-speed data carries over for one 30-day renewal period.


You have a 3G phone, it can't use 4G LTE speeds.   It will get faster use over wifi.  After you use 1.5 GBS your data speed should slow to almost unusable speeds.  I'm unaware of any further fine print.  As suggested, contact customer service.   

Options *611 from your phone

Private message by clicking the blue letters @ATTMobilityCare and the message box at the middle, left of page.


Love to know how this works out....please post your results.

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