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Saturday, September 2nd, 2023 4:32 AM

Complete WASTE of money!

Prepaid Phones should not be locked period if they are paid for in full in the first place- maybe for the 1st 30 days but to require 6 months of service for a phone that is bought for maybe 100 dollars at a Walmart is seriously just a trap. With 0 exceptions and TERRIBLE RUDE & UNCARING CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES- At&t prepaid needs to be boycotted at this point. Just posting this to ensure I got to put this out there somewhere for att & others to see. Cause God knows they won't even care about screwing hard working people out of their money. 

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3 months ago

Many prepaid phones from AT&T are subsidized from the beginning.  

For example, they've sold iPhones for $100+ less than other places.  So, while it might seem that you are paid in full, you actually got a discounted phone and that is where/why the 6-month commitment comes in.

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3 months ago


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3 months ago

See the above about subsidized.

ATT Prepaid just has a blanket 6 month usage requirement for unlock, whether there is actually any subsidy included or not.  I'm sure it is easier to manage that way.

To avoid this, you have to buy a factory unlocked US model that is compatible with ATT.  I've done this with a few recent phones.

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