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Monday, July 6th, 2020 8:52 PM

Problem activating HBO Max -

I have ATT UVerse Internet 1000 MBPS for more than a year now. When they launched HBO Max, I was able to successfully get started on HBO Max and was watching it for about a month. All of a Sudden, it stopped working. When I go to HBO Max App on my TV or the HBO Max website in my PC, I see a message to Subscribe now, as though my subscription expired. When I logon to ATT Account Overview page, I see a banner that says "Get Started on HBO Max". 


Once I click on Get Started. 

This takes me to another window with a Set up account button. Click Set up Account.

Received error message "It's not you, it's us. We can't get your account ready right now. Give it some time and try again"


I chat with the Customer Service and had no Luck.

Talked to ATT Customer Service twice and still have no luck.


I m not sure whether there is a way for this issue to be escalated. 


Anyone faced a similar issue and resolved. Please let me know, how you resolved.

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4 years ago

The keep deleting my posts, so I am going to keep posting.


I got upgraded to Internet1000 in Aug. Hours and hours of phone calls, chats and promises to get back in 24 hrs, 24-48 hrs, 5-7 business days trying to get HBOMax to work. Nothing, nada, zilch. 


I have tried every browser, every compatible device and either it's 'Can't Verify your Subscription', or a blank page with Unhandled Exception.


I can assure you one thing: Your problem is not going to be resolved. You can try wasting as much time as you would be willing to provide but they are NOT going to help you. And in many cases it's not because they don't want to, it's just that they can't. 


Most of the hours I have spent were with the front of the line customer agents at the lower levels and I feel sorry for them. They try every trick in the book, but if you have had previous Direct TV or UVerse or a bundled package along with Wireless, you are totally out of luck. They have not figured out how to sort out the authentication mechanisms in the backend. So the poor frontline agents will just try and try and try to no avail and then transfer it a couple of levels to Billing, Digital Service Team etc. who will never ever get back. I have six ticket numbers with me and I can bet my last buck, if I call them now, there will have been no action taken. After another 90 minutes on a troubleshooting call, I will get a seventh escalation ticket.


I have been an ATT customer for so many years and all they do is keep buying all these companies to grab the customers and leave them in the lurch with their poor service. Did you catch the press release where the CEO or whoever in upper management said that "it was a flawless launch"? 


Sadly I can't threaten to cut my service too because they have a monopoly here. Isn't free market so much fun?


I am writing this comment on every HBOMax sign-in issue page to see if management will do something about this. I am tired of calling them and being promised something is being done. The last time I called the agent said they have it on record the number of times I have called about the issue for the past two months and how it's been left unresolved and they have escalated it to very high levels. Obviously that is just bogus because it's more than a week now since than conversation, so it's all just lies and attempts to kick the can down the road.

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