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Friday, May 13th, 2022 12:38 AM

free hbo channels

someone please tell me im not losing my mind!! i was getting free hbo channels (500 through511) with my wireless plan. had them for close to 4 years. then one day they just dissappeared from my tv. and im not talking about hbo max. no one from directv or att seems to know where they went & keep referring to hbo max. anyone else had this problem?? tia

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2 years ago

Let's help get you back to streaming through HBO, !


Allow us to gather more details to better assist you:

  • Are you able to sign in to HBO Max using your wireless account credentials? Do you receiving any error messages? You should be able to sign in to HBO Max using your wireless login crendetials. If you aren't able to, there should be a message diplaying why. Please share the details with us. You can find troubleshooting tips for the devices you're using and error messages you're receiving by visiting the HBO Max Help Center. You can also use the streaming section for additional support.  
  • Have you made any changes to your wireless plan or account in general? Which plan are you currently on? There are select plans that offer free HBO streaming and some offers come with eligibility requirements to continue streaming.       
    • New Customers:
      • Unlimited Elite
    • Existing Customers (Grandfathered wireless plans):
      • Unlimited Elite
      • Unlimited & More Premium w/ HBO as the benefit
      • Unlimited Plus
      • Unlimited Choice
      • Unlimited Choice 2
      • Unlimited Plus Enhanced
      • Unlimited Choice Enhanced

You can find other streaming tips here in the Forums.


Please come back and confirm if you can successfully sign in to HBO Max through your wireless account. Also, let us know which plan you're on. Don't forget to check out those helpful tips provided on the HBO Max Help Center webpage.


Jonye, AT&T Community Specialist

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2 years ago

You might have better luck posting in the Directv forum. Directv forums are here:

However, look at an old Directv bill when you were still getting the HBO channels. You should see something like this, this is what is on my Directv bill:

2. HBO Max 0.00
with AT&T Unlimited &More Premium or WatchTV
Presuming you do have something like that, look at your latest bill, it’s probably gone. I presume you still have the same wireless plan that gave you those channels? If so, you may need to reauthorize your free HBO (which is now HBOMax) through your wireless account.

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2 years ago

This sounds like what was happening to me.

I was getting the HBO TV channels through my U-Verse. My official plan was for HBO Max free with Internet 1000. One day, my HBO TV channels disappeared, but I was still getting HBO Max.

After someone with the Office of the President looked through my plan, it was determined that the TV channels were essentially a glitch.

Because I get HBO Max with Internet 1000 and do not pay for HBO via a TV plan, I do not get the TV channels.

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