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Monday, April 3rd, 2023 4:24 PM

Phone Pole Needs removed and Lines need connected

Hello. During a wind storm on 4/1 the phone pole that is in our yard snapped in half. Luckily the electric company was able to put in a new pole and attach the power line back to our house. However they did not fix the phone lines and the phone/cable lines are down in our yard, disconnected and severely drooping. Some are even just laying in the grass. I have a dog and two small children who play in this yard and its soooooo unsafe. I havent been able to get any answers to talk to anyone that can help me. We need the old pole removed and the phone/cable lines attached to the new pole the electric company installed. Can we please get this fixed? 

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6 months ago

Let's get that old telephone line taken care of, @BFam4.


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