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Tuesday, May 31st, 2022 4:28 PM

Digital landline

I need to revert mothers account back to the way it was prior-this digital phone line is not good for seniors that depend on home phone service 

EVERY TIME IT RAINS MY MOTHER LOSES-HER PHONE SERVICE -and we don’t care about internet-she doesn’t use that-just a straight forward landline phone 

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1 year ago

If rain causes her to lose her landline, it is probably the external wiring and it would likely disrupt POTS service too. Whatever her issue, it’s probably not because it’s digital. I’ve had a digital landline for over 10 years now. Rain does not mess with my service. Besides, it is very possible ATT will no longer provide POTS service. In any event, you need to call to see if converting back to POTS is possible. 

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