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Monday, November 20th, 2023 8:35 PM

Traveling abroad-Need confirmation AT&T Post Paid account wont trigger a International Day Pass ($10) for recieving OTP while in Asia

I'm a AT&T postpaid customer and will be traveling to Asia.  I have turned on the International Day Pass but i see on many forums that received texts while outside the US will not trigger the IDP.  AT&T also states only sent messages will trigger the IDP.  However, AT&T online chat services confirmed with me that received texts will activate roaming and thus also the IDP. 

Can someone officially with AT&T here provide an accurate statement on if received texts will trigger the IDP?  

Accepted Solution

ACE - Sage


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9 days ago

I think we should get paid a dollar every time chat or call center representatives give us incorrect information.  They told you wrong. And it is printed right in the information on international day pass...

"When am I charged for International Day Pass?

The first time you use data, send a text, or make or accept a phone call, your 24-hour International Day Pass begins and you will be charged a daily fee. You won't trigger another daily fee until the next time you use your device in an included country after that 24-hour period ends. The daily fees are calculated and charged to your bill at the end of your billing cycle."

You are absolutely positively not charged for an incoming text message 

Some iPhone users claim that their iPhone leaks data and that even with data roaming off there seems to be small amounts of data leakage.   And I've heard other people have had absolutely no problem as long as data roaming was off.   And there were some individual cases very early on where people were charged for an incoming call that was never completed. If that happens just contact AT&T as soon as you get your bill

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9 days ago

Thanks a lot for confirming. It’s reassuring especially when it’s clearly stated on the ATT site….thanks for pointing that out. I cited the website multiple times on the chat and the ATT chat agent insisted receiving messages triggers the IDP. I should have read further down on the details. 

So now every time I’m expecting a OTP I’ll turn on roaming and then turn it off once received. 

ACE - Sage


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9 days ago

I'm telling you $1 every time 🥴 you'd probably be up $5 already

Community Support


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7 days ago

Hi @Solaceintime! We understand your situation, and we’re here to help you.

Thank you for the relevant information @ace.

As ace mentioned first time you use data, make, or receive a call, or send a text message in an International Day Pass Destination, you’ll automatically be charged a $10 daily fee. When more than 1 line on your account is charged a daily fee on the same day, 1 line will be charged a $10 daily fee and each additional line will be charged a reduced daily fee of $5.

AT&T International Day Pass, with unlimited high-speed data, talk, and text, in over 210 destinations1. If you are traveling to Asia, you may want to check the list of included countries at

You only pay a daily fee for each 24-hour period that you talk, text, or use data within an included country. For one line, it’s $10 a day. For each additional line on the same account used in the same 24-hour period. Text messages received are rated as domestic and do not trigger a daily fee. You’ll be charged an additional daily fee for all subsequent 24-hour periods in which you use data, make, or receive a call, or send a text message in an IDP Destination, unless you remove IDP.

If you need to receive OTP (one-time password) while in Asia, you can use the International Day Pass to get unlimited texts from the U.S. or any of the included countries.

You can also call our international customer care at 1-314-925-6925 or further help.

We hope the information helps!

Thank you for contacting AT&T Community & Forums,

Susan, AT&T Community Specialist

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