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Thursday, January 26th, 2023 4:40 AM


I have a Samsung Note20 Ultra with RCS enabled and I have my other family member with the exact same phone and with RCS enabled. We are both on the AT&T network and both use RCS daily. All of a sudden I cannot receive a screenshot of any other text using Samsung messages. I've since swapped to Google messages as a test and I can receive his texts without chat features enabled. It's not a setting, because I've just text him, watch YouTube and play Xbox. AT&T y'all gotta figure this out. 

*Update I can now use RCS with my family member bc he just got a new phone. But I cannot still use RCS with a friend who has a S22 and isn't on AT&T. I've disabled advanced messaging over and over again to no help. I have the latest software and the latest app version. Idk what to do. 


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4 months ago

We want to help you find a resolution to your experience with RCS, Ethanm2034.


In order to provide support, we just need a little more information.

  • What is the signal strength of your device? Make sure you have an active data connection to your carrier. Temporarily disable Wi-Fi and check for at least a 4G LTE signal in the status bar.
    • You can use our Coverage Map to check for network coverage in your area.
    • Also, if you haven't already, rebooting your phone will help it reconnect to the cell network and can clear up any temporary app trends that may be stopping messsages.

      1. Swipe down from the top of the phone with two fingers to open Quick settings.
      2. Tap the Power icon.
      3. Tap Restart, and then tap Restart again.
  • What happens when you send an RCS message to your friend? An error message will provide a general idea about what is going on and what actions are required to reach a resolution.
  • Make sure cellular data is turned on. In order to send and receive MMS cellular data needs to be on. View our Device Support for the Samsung Galaxy Note20 to learn how to turn on cellular data.

Although you have the latest version of the Samsung Messaging app, if you haven't already, you will want to clear the app cache on your phone. Here's how:

  1. Swipe down from the Notification bar, then select the Settings icon.
  2. Scroll to and select Apps > desired app > Storage > Clear cache.

Cache files take up a bit of space on your disk, some can even be corrupted, so by clearing your cache you are deleting those temporary and corrupted files which frees up a bit of space on your device and helps the app function smoothly.


Try this and let us know how it goes. The more details we have the closer we can get to actually providing a solution to this unexpected trend with messages.


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2 months ago

@ATTHelp is it true that the Galaxy S23 switched back to RCS powered by Jibe Mobile? The S22 line of phones uses RCS powered by AT&T and it is TRRRIBLE! More then half the time it doesn't work and there are a ton of AT&T customers in my family that all have S22 phones and RCS messages fail to each other. We end up having to revert to SMS. 

Do your job and fix the issue! 


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1 month ago

I have a similar problem. Up until yesterday, I was able to use RCS messaging with my fiancée who actually uses a OnePlus NORD device on the T-Mobile network. Now, for some reason, he can send me RCS enabled messages but when I send him a text, it will only send as an SMS

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