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Wednesday, October 21st, 2020 8:02 PM

Mysterious Groupchat With Pornography Links

Someone keeps sending pornography links in groupchats with multiple numbers that all use AT&T. I've been in at least 5 of these chats and it's honestly so scary. They add random people, send lewd website links, and send messages from our personal phone numbers. Please look into this, because it's happening to everybody using AT&T. I'm a fifteen year old girl and I do nor need to be getting these links. Fix this or you're going to have a court case against you. 

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3 years ago

We can definitely help you with unwanted group chats, @vminniful

Thank you for letting us know. We agree, receiving unwanted messages with questionable content like you're reporting would be very scary. We know they're a problem and ask you to report them to help us identify the offenders and put a stop to it.

Please use the Report unwanted calls & texts form to provide as much detail as you have including time, numbers and dates then forward the messages to 7726(SPAM) so we can start investigating the incidents. 

We appreciate your help and look forward to the details you provide. Take care!

Keny, AT&T Community Specialist

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