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Friday, September 29th, 2023 2:52 AM

How can I complain about AT&T reps hanging up on me? Customer Service Concerns - Need Guidance

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share my recent experience with adding 3 lines to our ATT account today, and I'm feeling a bit frustrated. I had to make some adjustments, and after spending a good 45 minutes explaining my requirements to the representative in the chat, I was eventually transferred to a supervisor. They reached out to me from 1-800-207-1233, and the supervisor provided me with an employee ID: google636S. The supervisor asked me a series of questions, and then, without warning, they said, "Give me a second," and disappeared for a full 20 minutes. Unfortunately, the call eventually dropped. This isn't the first time I've encountered such issues, and it's becoming quite frustrating. I'm wondering what the proper protocol is in situations like this. Should I consider reaching out to the media or filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)? Do you think ATT cares about these types of experiences?

I'd appreciate any guidance or insights you can provide. Thanks in advance!

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2 months ago

What is the actual issue?  Doubtful that either the media or the BBB have much interest in just AT&T having poor customer service and hanging up on you.  Usually BBB complaints are for a specific issue, like they won’t unlock your phone, or they are overcharging you on your bill, or they lost your trade-in, or are committing fraud.

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2 months ago

Also these call center people are on a timer. If the end of their day rolls around their calls are cut off.  

And what sort of adjustments are we talking about? You do know you can manage your plan on line right?

Everyone complains about waiting on hold if they call.

Or you go to a store where sales is actually business... And when you do business in a store you have the opportunity to see everything you're signing up for as long as you have the good sense to read it and whether it's on a tablet or on physical paper. *Before you sign it*

Even if they have to ship phones for you, I always recommend doing business in a corporate store

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