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AT&T related help: Set up Advanced Messaging

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Thursday, June 1st, 2023 10:49 PM

Advanced Messaging

Why does advanced messaging not work for only one of my contacts? It worked before and it stopped. No changes to phones, plans, and they are both S22 Ultras. Turned off and on the features on both phones, reset the connection for both through AT&T.

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4 months ago

Let's look into your advanced service mandolinsurge!


Please make sure both the sender and receiver s have Advanced messaging service enabled. For Advanced Messaging service to also work, please make sure HD Voice is enabled by enabling Voice & Data(LTE) on Settings> Cellular Enable LTE.


Let us also know if you are experiencing an error message while trying to send a message. We also recommend resetting your network settings. Go to SettingsGeneral Management > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Lastly, here is our Troubleshoot And Resolve Tool > Fix An Issue Connection > Messaging and make sure you have the correct device at Change Device to help fix Advanced Messaging service.


Let us know if this helpful! 


Marilyn, AT&T Community Specialist

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