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Tue, Apr 19, 2022 12:11 AM

Why does AT&T separate each service issue/contact? This results in retelling the problem over and over.

I received a letter in February regarding the 3G shut down. I contacted the number provided and was told that I would receive two replacement tablets. The tablets never arrived. I called again was the told that the mail offer had expired and they were out of tablets. That fact that I called the first day I received the letter was not relevant. However, they suggested I go to a AT&T store to a receive a new tablet at no cost.

At the store, I was told that no tablets were available unless I paid the full price. While in the store, I spoke with an agent on the phone who said that a certain model in the store would be available at a discount.  The store clerk said they did not have that model.

Another call to AT&T where I was told that there is a website that I should go to to request a free tablet. That URL was disabled.

Another call to AT&T resulted in a replacement tablet with me paying 60% of the cost. 

Back to the Chat feature to get billing to remove the monthly charge for the the tablet that was not replaced.

A subsequent call to the Finance Team to correct the bill. A supervisor offered a new plan that would reduce my bill. The replacement sim card did not work (inbound calls were not accepted). Calls to my old number went to voice mail.

Another call today to remove the new number from my bill and to remove the new number and reinstate the old number.

Each interaction with customers service takes a minimum of 30 minutes to rehash the issue and to get some resolution. Online chats are not retained or revised by the customer service rep after the call ends.

There is no way that I would recommend AT&T to someone. Every issue/problem is downplayed and almost every contact results in someone making an offer to buy or upgrade.

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