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Thursday, September 21st, 2023 1:47 AM

United HealthCare Starting 2024

I'm confused about the AT&T Health Insurance/Medicare changes for 2024. I know the Health Reimbursement Account will end too.

Who do I call with questions? 

It feels like I'm in a maze when trying to talk to someone. I do see the phone number for United Healthcare. 

I'm thinking I can sign up with anyone if I don't want UHC. My spouse will be paying $50 per month, even though I pay zero.



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2 months ago

Haven't you gotten your package explaining it? Have you listened to the online presentation? The phone number for questions is in the package. 

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17 days ago

ATT is having us pay $150 a month in order to get dental, vision, and hearing.  These are benefits we did not pay for in years. They also took away our HRA. This will cause a problem for us. Why is ATT doing this to people who put in 30 plus years for them?



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16 days ago

As you know there were numerous choices through Alight, both supplemental and advantage plans, I don't think any of the supplemental plans had any of those options. On the same note advantage plans don't work for everyone. So now we have the choice of moving to the plan(s) provided by AT&T or keep what we have at our cost. You don't have to sign up for the plus plan, that's an added choice. Again, if you haven't listened to the online presentation I suggest you do. 

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