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Friday, April 8th, 2022 3:55 PM

Take your money elsewhere!!!

Drop them and go with another company! They will NEVER do right by customers. Trust me. Their goal is to avoid addressing any issues you have directly by pushing it all on their third-party contractors, (i.e. buried cable, wiring, ADB, etc). But, when it comes to actual issues with the company, like those fake a** promos they boastfully hype, or digging in your account without legal permission, and then stating you needing to "opt-in" to an alert to be made aware of such activity, you will never get to speak to them. They are liars and crooks who hide behind all the hard workers that they source out. AT&T is the worst! They have a U.S. team for their Social media monitoring. That's who responds to all this truth telling we are spewing. But, if you call ANY of the customer service numbers listed, those punk a**es connect to the clueless, loyal working people that have been thoroughly trained in an call center across the world to deny, deflect and deescalate. They are to not, by any means give you any clue that they don't even get to speak to agents/reps in the U.S.
It's such a (Edited per community guidelines) shame! When the pandemic hit I convinced all my students and parents to go with this thieving company.nI signed up my Veteran parents, my daughter in college, and countless others were encouraged. It was desperate times, and they were flaunt a pretty sweet fake promo. 
Flash forward to now and we are all angry. I hate that I guided so many people to this poison. This company is nothing but a parasite!! It's the cockroach of companies. None of us have been treated properly, been honored with the promo first signed up for, now have crappy or crappier yards than before, and are being robbed of a sh**load of money with no decent internet to show for it. 

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