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Sunday, July 10th, 2022 11:16 PM

How to file complaint on AT&T Store ?

I have 6 devices on my account of 7 years. A day prior to bad experience, I did an upgrade on 2 devices. Everything went well so decided to return and upgrade another device.

Following day, Tony, the representative “helping” did not know what previous representative did to help my upgrade. This representative, Tony, was not knowledgeable enough to understand nor explain. His response was… I don’t know what previous representative did so You will have to buy a new phone, there’s nothing we can do, you can’t upgrade. I just knew, this was not the answer but an easy way out for him to get rid of a situation he didn’t understand. 

I started getting upset and demanded a clear explanation on why. He got upset by my reaction, and yelled at me; You people think you are so entitled! You figure it out or find someone else to help you. I’m done with you. 

after requesting to speak with the manager, Explain my situation and found out, there was no issue at all. Within less than a few minutes, I was getting an upgrade on 3rd device. 

This is an example on one ignorant/racist person. Yelling out “You people”? 
My race should not limit me to get equal and full service on what I pay for. 

The store is located at
11971 Grand Pkwy Ste. 500, New Caney, TX 77357

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1 year ago

File a complaint with the BBB.

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1 year ago

This is not the experience we want you to have @Yliel8.


Your feedback is important, and we want to get you into a DM to document your interaction. Check the message icon in the upper right corner of the page and reply. 


In the meantime, gather your account information, and we'll take it from there. Again, keep an eye out for the Direct Message. Thank you. 


Alasani, AT&T Community Specialist

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