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Wed, Apr 13, 2022 3:57 AM

Explanation for error menage "Unable to create message. Try again later.' when posting a reply/comment to post on an ATT forum.

I was posting a comment to a post and when I clicked Post, I got the message "Unable to create message. Try again later" in a little popup box - which was not visible for very long.

Below the description text area, in read, was "a long string of letter salad - probably an error message code - followed by "An error occurred. Try again later."

What happened - I took too long writing my comment - it was long and I took time to use Google to search for some details to be sure I was correct in what I was saying and the forum software timedout and logged me off - with out A SINGLE BLOOD MESSAGE to that effect.

When  I submitted the comment, the dear programmer got something like "security error, not logged in" when trying to process the post. Instead of doing a bit of work to get a better handle on the error, and thus report more accurately to the user as to what happened and how to get around it - they fell back on the asinine "Error occurred, please try again later" stupidity.

As though it will heal it all by itself if you wait a while!!!!!!!

I encountered a similar problem in the software at - I was trying out different site URLs/directories - with a parameter after the URL. I was interrupted by a telephone call and when I got off the phone and back to the computer, I submitted the latest change and got "An Error Occurred. Please try again later."

I stared at it for a moment or two and realized that I had probably been logged off for security reasons when it took so long for me to enter the next change to the site. I logged in in a new tab, went back to the original tab, and submitted the change and it worked.

I've been programming full time since 1973 (mainframes, mini computers, microcomputers) and I have taught for credit and non credit courses to college students, staff, faculty, corporate staffs on programming languages, problem determination and resolution, user interfaces (the importance of actually taking the time to make things easy for the user) and muc more - this "Error occurred. Try again later" is what I expect from a halfhearted, uneducated, under-experienced, wannabee programmer.

The programmer probably assumed that you couldn't be writing a comment unless you are signed in and when they tried to process the post and are told by a function they called, that the user is not signed in, they should look more closely and do something like take you to another tab and explain things in detail and give you the opportunity to sign in and the return you to the tab where you were writing the comment.

Correct, informational handling of errors is the sign of a competent, intelligent programmer who understands that tey have an obligation to use the computer to actually research and report errors correctly  and in detail to the user giving them some sort of workaround suggestions.

Everyone whio wors in Data Processing (I know, it's IT now) should be aware that without computer users, computers are not needed, and they would not have jobs.

I don't go by the saying "the user is never wrong" I use "the user is seldom wrong" and I assume tey are not wrong untill I check things out. I know and remember at all tiems that without users there would be no computers for me to work on.

So, if you try to post something and get the "Error Occurred. Try again message", go to another tab and Sign In to the forum and then go back to the other tab and Post your comment or reply - it will work after you sign back on.


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