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Saturday, January 21st, 2023 5:43 PM

Dangerous driving

Hi! We had a company car driving on I-20 over in Lancaster heading towards Dallas. Cut off over 3 people with no blinker and almost caused another accident a long the highway as almost all four lanes was at a standstill and tried to ride the shoulder of the highway. Realizing there is no where to report negligent drivers. 

His plate number was KCS2073

The little number on the side of his car was 9205298-118

My cell is ( Edited as per the community guidelines )

My name is Kierstan Grass

Sincerely an annoyed Texan driver.

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11 months ago

Hello @Kgrass372002,

Please be mindful about sharing your personal details like, Phone number, email id, IMEI number, account number, last name, Credit/Debit card number, order number, Driver licence details, address. This is a public forum and your privacy is very important to us. As per AT&T Community Forum's guidelines your personal details will be scrubbed. Have a great day!

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