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Thursday, September 7th, 2023 6:21 PM

Community ID not able to sign in

I had an AT&T Community account back on 2017.
I can see my old posts.
I can access the email tied to it.
However, when I go to sign into the account, I receive "Login Failed. Invalid email or password."

Tried to sign in with my email and user name.  Same error.

Then tried to reset password and I never received an email to change it.  Emailed the account to make sure it was still working and it was.

Then called AT&T and spent an hour and 21 minutes on the phone, to no avail.

I then went and tried to make a new account using my old user info and it said it was taken, so it does exist.

Now I had to make this fake user account to ask this question.

Who runs this?  Where to I get login help from?

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