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Friday, September 24th, 2021 9:15 PM


Round and Round and Round. This is going to get legal

Thank you Spoom2,
   I called the number provided. Sedgwick apparently does not create claim numbers for damage. Their automated message machine tells me to call  800-288-2020.
I called that number 3 times. The 3rd time I did eventually get a hold of a human (Blair).
She was is billing or something, so I was transferred to the "risk" department. After 1:32 minutes on hold with risk, I was hung up on. Called back the 800 number and got a hold of someone else. They transferred me to someone else in the wrong department. This person said she would send me to escalation, but had to call me back to transfer. We hung up and an unknown number called my cell. She then said she would transfer me. Again on hold then hung up on.
So I called back again. The guy on the phone took my story and left me on hold for a while. He came back and said I need to call this number - 855-365-4976 - sound familiar.
So I called sedwick back and left a message which is familiar to the following:
Damage was done to my property by ATT. If someone does not start the repair process bu Oct 1st. I am getting a lawyer.

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