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Tuesday, September 16th, 2014 3:55 PM


I quickly used up my allowance of 20 blocked numbers within 2 weeks.  Can you please allow more numbers to be blocked - like 100 or 200?  Call screening will not work for me.


Here are several ways you could increase this limited number

1) Create wild cards - since spammers seem to use blocks of similar numbers ending in digits 0 to 9. 

2)  Allow IDs to be blocked - such as "Toll Free Caller", "Neighbor", "Name Not Found", "Out of area". 

3) Allowing blocking all "Unavailable" calls?


We are seriously consisdering giving up our phone number of 45 years because the junk calls greatly exceed the amount of desired calls.








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9 years ago

Hi @pleasefixthis ,


I am sorry about the inconveniences. Thank you for your suggestions. I will provide that information to my team. Also, if you have not enabled it, turn on Anonymous Call Blocking to screen out more numbers. You can also register your self on the FCC National Do Not Call Registry. This actually helps out a lot for telemarketer calls.


Hope this helps.


-David T



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9 years ago

I have had the complete opposite situation with the no call registry.  I have registered several times and my calls have, seemingly, gotten worse each time.  I know that charitable organizations are not affected, but I am still getting, "sell me something," telemarketer calls. I am fed up with them!  Due to this, I am seriously considering cancellation of my U-Verse voice line.  That will be a guaranteed fix!
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