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Wednesday, January 11th, 2023 7:55 PM

Why Will Call Log Not Load

I tried the digital chat auto response, which did not yield the information:

[AT&T] : You can get a list of your digital home phone calls using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. 
 1. Go to (Link)Phone features(Link)
 2. Select the Call History tab
 3. Do one of the following:

  • Select a heading such as Name or Number to sort by caller
  • Use the Up or Down arrow to display your results in ascending or descending order

I chatted with someone and they told me to try this link which redirects and fails.
Live chat link provided:

Results: It goes to a re-direct and then once that loads it says "Oops! Something isn't working quite right.
Try signing out, then sign back in and try again." and the URL is

I was changed over in chat to someone who was said to be technical support.  They suggested the same link.  I gave them the results so they were aware as well.  I asked if I should be able to access my call logs, and they said they would get their supervisor, but ended the chat instead.

30 minutes wasted on a chat that lead to nowhere, and I have used the links provided in chat and support, am able to log in, am able to go to my VOIP and usage, etc. and the call log simply is not there.  I'm extremely underwhelmed with the "help" via customer service, and according to the forums, I am not the only person having this problem.

There is clearly a technical reason some can log on and easily access their call logs, and some follow the prescribed steps and the call log is simply not there. I have active VOIP service.



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11 months ago

You access that information after you access your MyAtt account. 

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