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AT&T related help: Landline home phone support

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Monday, June 27th, 2022 4:29 AM

How to restore my ATT prepaid phone

Same phone number ( Edited as per Community Guidelines ) for 48 years died with the switch to 5G. I couldn't pay with a dead phone and couldn't change my login and password and after installing the 5g box you sent me and finally needing to buy a new $200 5g AT&T DECT6.0 phone setup it still won't work because I haven't been able to prepay. And I can't prepay because it won't recognize my ( Edited as per Community Guidelines ) phone number or let me log in. HELP!!!! So is there someone at AT&T I can email who can help me?

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1 year ago

There is no one to email. You need to call. I'm assuming you have a wireless home phone, which must be activated prior to working, if you have activated it, it won't work period. If you have a past due bill that's another issue. Also there's no such thing as a 5G DECT phone. Activate your device this is an AT&T support link. This link is what others have done to activate their IFWA-40 wireless home phone. You'll probably want to contact billing to resolve that issue first. 

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1 year ago

at&t doesnt do support via email, you need to call or go into a corporate store 

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1 year ago

Hey there @Edwin Weldon, we certainly want to help you restore access to your AT&T prepaid account with the same number you've used before.


Based on your concerns, we want to go ahead and bring you into a DM for further assistance. Check the message icon in the upper right portion of the page and reply back to us.


We look forward to assisting you more and providing a resolution. 


Thanks for contacting the AT&T Community Forums for help.


Lynn, AT&T Community Specialist

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