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Tuesday, September 6th, 2022 7:37 PM


Amazingly Horrible Customer Service!

We have had business phone lines with AT&T for a long time, more than 10 years. 

As we had four (4) landlines, the monthly bill was almost $1,000 per month.

I called AT&T to identify what the lines are, but even AT&T was not identifying them clearly.

So I closed two of them in 2021 and extended the contract.

During the call, the customer service rep told me I could have credit for the account. 

I forgot exactly what it was but I got a lump sum of credit (~$2,000).

A year later, AT&T charged me over $2,000 after I extended the contract again.

On Sep 6, 2022, I called AT&T customer service around 08:30 PSD and was told that it was an error by AT&T.

So I asked to talk to someone who can adjust those amounts and got transferred. 

I talked to a guy named Tony and asked him whether or not I can have a little bit of adjustment.
My wording was exactly like this (AT&T should have a record): 'Is there any possibility to waive or adjustment a part of the bill?'

Did I ask too much?

What I heard from him was as follows;

  • Because he doesn't have any authority to adjust the bill, he couldn't do anything; is he a final decision maker?
  • It was partially my fault because I didn't call AT&T and checked after receiving the credit.

Then think about this;

  • I had been paying almost $1,000 every month for a long time.
  • Even one of the lines, AT&T was not sure what it was.
  • During closing some lines, the rep offered credit. (Not me!)

Do you still think I should call back to AT&T and check whether or not the amount was right?

  • He kept saying he couldn't do anything but show no effort to resolve the issue. If he can't do it, he should transfer me to someone with who I can discuss it.
  • But his tone was rather sassy. I trust AT&T have a record of the conversation. This made me so upset. 

I asked his name again and he said it's Tony and his last name is Kim.

Also, I told him that I didn't want any discount or adjustment and that I wanted to talk to his supervisor/director.

A couple of minutes of holding, he told me his manager was not answering and offered me a discount of two months' bill. 

He said he's not a specialist and just a customer service representative and he asked a specialist via online and got this discount. 

Why not before?

  • He doesn't have the authority to manage the issue and he's not a specialist, he keeps saying 'NO'.
  • He got a discount suddenly after asking to talk to a manager.
  • I had to waste my time dealing with somebody who doesn't allow to deal.

Is this a normal protocol of AT&T customer service?

I'd like to ask AT&T and someone who read this posting, do you really think there's a customer service rep whose name is Tony Kim?

I'm not asking for any discount or adjustment, I'm complaining about his attitude.

If AT&T thinks I'm too much, please do not delete my posting. So that other readers can criticize me.

But my complaint is reasonable, let me know what kind of disciplinary action was given to Tony Kim. 




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7 months ago

This is a customer based residential forum you'd probably have better luck posting in the business forum since they are business lines. 

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