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Thursday, May 25th, 2023 11:04 PM

Outlook for Mac 16.73 and 16.73.1 inbox emails to IMAP disappear

After a recent automatic Outlook for Mac 365 update to version 16.73 on/about 5/16/23, any deletion of one or more inbox emails on my att/yahoo "" IMAP account will, on the next auto sync, delete all emails in the inbox. If I then manually do another "send/receive" outlook sync, all the missing inbox messages will soon reappear and also be re-downloaded. Occasionally, that initial auto sync of IMAP will not delete all the inbox messages. But that has become the "exception rather than the rule." 

Other email IMAPs in my Outlook for Mac (gmail and Comcast) do not have this problem. In addition, there is no similar problem with the same IMAP in Mac Mail on my Mac nor in the Apple Mail app on my iPhone nor in the Yahoo Mail app and Outlook app on my iPhone. It only happens in the communication between and Outlook for Mac version 16.73. FWIW, yesterday there was an auto-update to version 16.73.1 which appeared to stop the problem. but, it returned today. (when it happens, the inbox email list is replaced by a pic of a hot air balloon and the message "All done for the day! Enjoy your empty inbox").

I've connected with an Outlook 365 tech support guy who informed me that, the day before my call, he got a similar call with the same problem. He suggested deleting/re-adding the IMAP in Outlook. I did that but it did not fix the problem.

I'm no expert but, since this is not happening to the other IMAPs (Gmail, Comcast) on my Outlook for Mac nor to on my Mac's Mac Mail or on any of my iPhone mail apps (iOS Mail, Yahoo [ATT Mail], Outlook) nor on the ATT/Yahoo. web server on the Internet, I can only conclude that there is a glitch in the communications between Outlook for Mac (16.73 and 16.73.1) and the ATT/Yahoo IMAP servers (either or

This was not a problem before the recent update to 16.73 and 16.73.1 within a few days.

HELP! (please)

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4 months ago

Let's see what can be done to help with your email inbox after recent update, @DrDJZ.


We suggest troubleshooting outlook with our Logging and Email Solutions Guide

  • Test using webmail - If you are able to sign in to your email via the web, the issue points to the app or mailbox you are using.
  • Mailboxes - we recommend using the latest version. Updates and changes may prevent it from working properly. 
  • Rebuild Mailbox profile - In some instances, rebuilding the profile fixes some issues. You may lose email doing this
  • Make sure to Change your settings from POP to IMAP 
  • Reset your secure key - this has helped resolve issues in the past, especially when signing into another client or troubleshooting your current one

Multiple Email, One Client - Please note, each email requires either a secure key or OAuth to be set up.  
For email apps that isn't compatible with Oauth, you will need to create a special code called a Secure mail key. The Secure mail key will be used instead of your AT&T password when you set up an email app. 

We hope this helps. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


Rosey, AT&T Community Specialist 

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