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Tuesday, June 6th, 2023 10:32 PM

Why can’t I sign into my email account?

I cannot sign into my ATT email account. Every time I do I get this message. “ Not Found on Accelerator Description: Your request on the specified host was not found. Check the location and try again.“

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4 months ago

This error message typically indicates a problem with the server or network configuration. 
To solve this problem, try the following:
Sometimes, outdated or corrupted cache files can interfere with website access. Clear your browser cache.
Switch to a different web browser or device to see if the issue is specific to the browser or device you were previously using. 
Check your internet connection.

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3 months ago

We understand how important it is to have access to your email account, and we'd be happy to help you, @Carebearcat


Like @Janefikar said, you'll want to try clearing your cache and cookies because there could be stored data that may be interfering with the login process.


In order to take a closer look into what options we have to get your into your email account, we'll need to meet in a DM. Please check your Direct Message inbox (it's the chat icon located next to the bell icon in the upper right corner of the Forums). 


We look forward to hearing from you. 


Robert, AT&T Community Specialist

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