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Wednesday, September 20th, 2023 9:13 PM

outlook error message

Outlook is giving me the following message when retrieving email from my account:

"Your POP3 server is providing inconsistent information.  The number of messages returned by the STAT command does not match the number of items returned by the UIDL or LIST commands.  Contact your POP3 or internet service provider."

ACE - Expert


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3 months ago

You're the second customer that I've seen post that message this week.  Sounds like a POP3 server at Yahoo or AT&T is having an issue.  If another 2 or 3 people complain about it, we might be able to convince someone to actually take a look at it.



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2 months ago

I've been complaining about it and other pop3 error messages since August. ATT doesn't seem interested in solving their problem. 

I have changed keys 3 times and deleted the account and reinstalled same. That does not solve the problem. 

Yes, I have verified my settings many times. It all started with an out of nowhere Yahoo popup. 


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