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Tuesday, August 9th, 2022 12:21 AM

Managing Sub-Account/s (Password) - Shameful Process.

For no apparent reason the password for a sub-account (example: [email scrubbed]) was not recognized, this is the same password used for this account for the past five+ years. Never changed cause it was logged-in automatically. As I said, for no reason why it was not recognized occurred this past Wednesday. Firstly, AT&T (formerly Bellsouth) label descriptions, multiple screens, and redirects is very confusing and poor integration with partners like and others (that's a different topic). When I tried to change the password it required verification. The only verification is that was created for the primary-account (example. [email scrubbed]). Before, while using the primary account the individual could EDIT and even RESET tht password for the sub-account/s. And when I spoke with the Service Agent (i.e. cause online there is no way to reset) he advised that CODE 205.2 requires to wait 24 hours to attempt to reset the password. And to please call back to have someone assist cause if you do before and fails you have to wait another 24 hour cycle. And since I have no other verification for the sub-account (never asked for when it was setup), only for the primary account it will fail. If there is one the sub-account should default to the primary account. And while try to change the passcode for another sub-account (example: [email scrubbed]) got locked out too. There is something that sits in the cache that if you do not clear it cause an issue. And every time this has happened it's a new way to solve. Last time I had a similar incident the agent was able to fix the problem with direct access to my account. Just looking to have access to my account other providers allow for an external email or with only the provision of an SMS/TEXT code or 2-Way Authentication.

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1 year ago

We're here to help with your email questions, @EMAIL_205.


We have information on how to troubleshoot your email. This has troubleshooting steps for both web mail and email clients. You can learn more about what's happening and what we're doing to resolve it by reading our article about the 205 error code.


We apologize for this inconvenience! If you need help with anything else, please don't hesitate to reach back out.


Thank you for visiting the AT&T Community Forums.


Elmi, AT&T Community Specialist

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