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AT&T related help: Common AT&T email error codes

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Monday, April 18th, 2022 8:15 PM

Mail Sign In Rejects Correct Password and Then Forces Password Reset On First Try

Good afternoon. I have used Ma Bell for my Internet and E-Mail for well over a decade. My E-Mail address' doman is Bellsouth. Recently, and repetitively, the E-Mail sign in system rejects my log in. At the sign in screen, I log in and enter my password. It then tells me that I have entered my password incorrectly too many times and it forces me to reset my E-Mail. I entered the right password. I only entered my password, which was correct, once. It then completely locks me out, and does this every time I have to log back in. My maternal grandparents are experiencing the exact same issue. My grandmother said that if this isn't fixed soon, they will quit Ma Bell's E-Mail program altogether, and just use some crappy alternative like the G-Mail. Why is this happening to me? I inputted the correct password and it not only rejects it, but makes me reset my password! My only saving grace is that it lets me re-input the same password every time. God have mercy on me. I can't take this. -TURTLESHROOM



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1 year ago

Yes, I have this problem also. AT&T DOES NOT CARE. I've been chatting with a rep for 2 mos, turns out he was lying about escalating, and he ultimately said "oh well....a lot of ppl are having this trouble".



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11 months ago

Since spring 2022 every few days I'd get a "Care Code" telling me I had tried to log in to my email account unsuccessfully too many times and must reset my password.  Each time it was my first log-in attempt.  The next window would tell me my password could not be reset by me and I'd have to call ATT for a temporary password.  Each time they said it was a glitch in their system, and they're "working on it."  I was having to call so often I switched from my laptop to my iphone to access my email.  THEN this autumn I was locked out of my iphone too!

So I called the ATT help line and an agent told me they could no longer give temporary passwords for a reset over the phone, the new policy was that I'd have to wait 2-3 days to receive a password through USPS mail.  I couldn't believe it and asked to speak to another agent.  A second agent confirmed what the first agent said, but said it would take 7-10 days to receive a temporary password through the mail.  I asked to speak to a higher-up, and after a long wait, a third agent reiterated the same thing.

So I waited 2 WEEKS with NO ACCESS to my email on laptop or phone, and nothing arrived in the mail. 

So I called ATT again.  THIS TIME an agent said ATT NEVER SENDS PASSWORDS THROUGH THE MAIL.  I was dumbfounded.  Apparently 3 different ATT agents had flat-out lied to me.  Several times I asked what sort of disciplinary action would be taken, and the agent just shrugged off the question.  He guided me through setting up a gmail account, and said I would regain access to my ATT emails in ONE MONTH.

So altogether I lost all access to my ATT emails for 1-2 months.  And guess what they offered me.  $10 off my bill.  

I discovered I could access my ATT emails again in early January.  But now it is January 17th and already I'm getting the CARE CODE windows again every time I try to open my emails on phone and laptop.  Now I can use gmail to get a temporary code for a password reset, but it is a big nuisance to continually go through this nonsense every time I close my mail and open again. 

I have had ATT accounts all my life, since it was Southwestern Bell.  I am very alarmed that a US corporation as huge as ATT would tolerate employees that flat-out lie to customers, as if it's a joke or a game.  This seems a new low for corporate America.  I've been so (Edited per community guidelines) I could not stomach paying my bill the past 2 months, so now ATT is threatening to shut down my account altogether.  Seems like they should be paying me for my time, frustrations and inconvenience, and their shocking dishonesty.


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6 months ago

Happens to me too!  Every 48 hours I have to reset my password!  It’s annoying!  Not only that but this messes with my DIRECTV streaming password every time.  AT&T says this account isn’t linked but why is it that I get logged out of my DIRECTV streaming account?

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