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Need to update email settings?
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Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023 12:34 AM

Delete account

I cannot delete my mom's email account. She passed away in 2016 and I need help. The instructions I find always begin with the profile but the profile never looks like what is listed. All it has is my mom's email and the option to link an account. She continues to get tons of nonsense email and only my 97 year old is there to look at it and he wants it all gone. I would love to speak with a representative to do this but are they yahoo email reps,, etc. I already have the instructions below but cannot follow them as the Profile page (very brief) does NOT contain contact info anywhere. There is nothing on the page to click. Appreciate any help.

  1. Go to Profile.
  2. Select Contact info.
  3. Select the Email tab.
  4. Under Free AT&T email account, select Manage. If you don't see that option, your email account can't be deleted.
  5. Next to Member ID, select Delete Account. Select OK.
  6. Confirm that the Status at the bottom of the User Information section now reads Disabled.

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4 months ago

Hi @Mimi34711


Thank you for reaching us! We get that you are trying to delete a email account. We are happy to assist you with this.


We will need to move this conversation into a DM to validate your account details. Be on the lookout for a chat notification in the upper right-hand of the page. 


Meanwhile, please go through the below pointers which will give you better understanding about deleting your account.

  • When you cancel an AT&T service, the AT&T email address, also known as a Member ID, associated with that account isn't removed. You can continue to use that email address as an AT&T free email account without any charge. If you’d like to delete the email address, you must do that manually. For email accounts that have never been associated with a paid AT&T service, you can delete them at any time.
  • You can delete your AT&T email address if it's been 30-60 days since a paid AT&T service has been canceled or disconnected.
  • You can delete a free AT&T email account that’s never been associated with a paid AT&T service.
  • You can’t delete your AT&T email address if it’s associated with an active AT&T service.
  • Deleting a Member ID will delete any subaccounts created with that account.

For more information, please visit our Delete your AT&T Email account article


We recommend sending feedback via the feedback portion of the email if the issue persists.


Looking forward to connect!

Nate, AT&T Community Forum Specialist.


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4 months ago

Nate, when you say look for a chat button in upper right hand corner of the page, do you mean THIS forum page?

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