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Need to update email settings?
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Wednesday, June 7th, 2023 11:30 AM

Cannot access email on computer

I cannot access my email on my computer.  I keep getting logout successful, then ATT error.  I tried clearing caches and cookies on Google Chrome and Microsoft edge.  I can access it on my phone.  What can I do?

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4 months ago

Let's get you into your email, @neice51


We recommend resetting your password. Even if you're able to log in elsewhere, this can still help because it will re-sync your email. 

  1. Go to reset your password.
  2. Enter your user ID and the last name associated with your ID.
  3. Choose your verification method and follow the prompts.
  4. Enter and confirm your new password.

Depending on what browser or email client you're using, it may not be compatible with Open Authentication (a security feature required by our email service). If this is the case, you'll need to set up a secure mail key.

  1. Go to your myAT&T ProfileSign in, if asked.
  2. Scroll to My linked accounts, select the email account that needs a secure mail key.
  3. Scroll to Secure mail key, select Manage secure mail key.
  4. Choose the email address that you’d like to use, if you have more than one.
  5. Select Add secure mail key. Enter a nickname for the secure mail key to make it easy to recognize.
  6. Choose Create secure mail key.
    • For security purposes, the secure mail key only displays until you select OK
    • If you lose or forget the secure mail key, you can always create new secure mail keys.Select Copy secure mail key to clipboard. Make a note of your secure mail key  for further updates.
  7. Select OK.
  8. Go to your preferred email app, replace the existing password with your secure mail key. For an IMAP account, delete the existing password for both the IMAP and SMTP servers. Replace them with your secure mail key.

Please let us know if this helps. If not, we may need to take a closer look at your email in a direct message.


Raiden, AT&T Community Specialist 

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3 months ago

I just found the response from June 7th.  I tried to reset my password from the link provided and was unsuccessful. It says something is wrong on the AT&T end.

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