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Sunday, August 14th, 2022 2:18 PM

100+ spam emails a day from all different senders!

I am getting in excess of 100 spam emails a day (seems like I have won everything Ace Hardware and Kohls has ever given away.... hehe) from multiple senders in my account.  I can't block them all.  How do I stop this?  It started about 3 months ago.  

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1 year ago

You don't, not effectively and without some major effort.  Some people have made filters that are successful at stopping some of them, but a huge chunk are "unfilterable" because of the way the spammers construct them.

This has been going on for the whole year, with the spam floods coming and going.  Speculation is that something at Yahoo stops their server-side spam filtering.  Then after a bit it all stops, only to return again weeks down the road.  I think we're currently on the third or fourth wave this year.

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