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Friday, August 25th, 2023 12:45 AM

Long delay experienced when typing emails

When typing text of emails, regardless of whether in an app or on the website, there is a long delay between the time I type a character and when the text actually appears on the screen. It’s only happening in the email. As I type this post, the text appears on the screen without any delay. When I type emails, though, the text waits up to possibly several seconds prior to appearing on the screen. The delay makes using my AT&T email account nearly impossible. 

I have attempted to access my AT&T email account on multiple devices. The problem is occurring regardless of whether I’m on a laptop using Chrome, on my ipad using Safari, or on either the iPad or the iPhone using the Mail app. The problem was first noted overnight from 12am onward on Thursday, August 24, 2023. Prior to that, I have been using the email to communicate with a company regarding a technical support issue. I’m no longer able to utilize my AT&T email to communicate with that company, because the delay issue has become so terrible. The account has been deleted from the iPad’s Mail app and re-added multiple times and the iPad has been restarted multiple times. The iPad has been restarted after deleting the email account, prior to the email account being readded to the Mail app. The iPad has been left completely turned off overnight for a 4.5 hour period of time. Additionally, the iPad has even been completely erased 2-4 times earlier this summer and restored with the most up-to-date operating system available in an attempt to fix a printing issue which actually turned out to be an issue with the printer rather than with the iPad. IPad’s operating system is completely up-to-date. Please help! 

I did a chat with Apple support last night overnight, which is when the latest email account deletions from the Mail app and the restarts occurred. They requested I continue to monitor the issue. This morning, issue was unresolved. Only able to speak with the Mobile department at AT&T. 

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