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Sunday, September 25th, 2022 11:54 PM

import Yahoo contacts into Gmail


I am trying to import my ATT/Yahoo email contacts into gmail.  The Gmail instructions and info on web state that once request is made within Gmail then Yahoo/ATT should open a window to confirm authorization to allow import.  I have removed my popup blocked but I am not being given any opportunity by Yahho/ATT to commence import to Gmail.  My Gmail account simply states "import has not started".

From the Yahoo side the only way to export the contacts is by creating a csv file. 

Does anyone know how to allow Yahoo/AT&T contacts to be imported by gmail?


ACE - Guru


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1 year ago

Just tried it here using Chrome and it worked as described.  Did you turn off the popup blocking feature completely, or just allow that site through?  I disabled it completely before beginning the process.  I also have uBlock on that browser but it didn't get in the way as I thought it might. 

Were you already logged into your Yahoo/AT&T account in that same browser when you went to start the Import process at Gmail?

What about browsers, did you try a different one?

In the end, if it doesn't work then try again's Yahoo, after all.  🙄

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