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Need to update email settings?
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Sunday, November 6th, 2022 5:04 PM

I can't unmerge e-mail address.

Hello, I moved apartment and unfortunately, new apartment has another provider.

I canceled U-verse Sep 20th and returned my U-verce equipment.

When I canceled, I heard that I will not be able to log in to my account in 90days. 

I saw "If i cancel my AT&T account will I lose my email address?" forum.

In this article, I have option to unmerge yahoo email and at&t mail.(I have e-mail address and It seem tied.) 

I tried to unmerge just in case.

I went to myAT&T profile and go to Email account, but there is no "Delete Account" button.

The article said " If your Yahoo email is tied to your email, you do have the option to unmerge it. The email is deleted when you unmerge the account. You must process the request within 30 days of cancellation.".

But I found "Delete your AT&T email account" topic, It says that "You can delete an AT&T email address if it's not connected to a paid AT&T service or if it’s been 30-60 days since service cancellation or disconnect.".

Is it possible to unmerge 30-60 days after cancellation?

If I can keep access to Y!mail+(Currently, from AT&T) email site the same as always, I'm so happy.
Can I keep my sbcglobal e-mail account after cancelation over 90 days?

I checked myAT&T Payment status, It says "This account is canceled. No further payments are needed.".

Thank you,

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11 months ago

We're here to help you with your email concerns, @Maru!


When it comes to sbcglobal emails, they are not considered a Yahoo email. The email is considered an AT&T email, however, Yahoo is used for hosting it. This means that there is no Yahoo email to unmerge in your account, which is why the option isn't available for you. It's a regular free AT&T email, which you may delete after 30-60 days after cancellation if you choose to.


Just like the article you referenced says, you'll be able to keep using your email with no concerns. Thank you for using our recommended website, Currently! It is the best way to keep up with your emails.


If you have any further questions, let us know! Thank you for being a part of our AT&T Community!


Donovan, AT&T Community Specialist

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11 months ago

Thank you so much for your post Donovan !

I thought that my AT&T e-mail address was merged with yahoo account, but that was misunderstanding.

I'm so happy that I can keep using the website, Currently.

I will keep my AT&T email.

I really appreciate for your help !

Thank you.

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