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Monday, July 30th, 2018 8:04 PM

New AT&T Fiber installation: How to get port 25 unblocked?

I am running a postfix SMTP server at home, I need it for my security system. Before AT&T, I was using Comcast Internet, and was able to run my email server with no problems. However, when I switched to AT&T, port 25 was not accessible. I need port 25 to be unblocked (No, using port 587 or 465 is not an option). How can I do this?



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5 years ago

You may be able to get 25 unblocked but I believe it costs $49 to do it.  Start by contacting ATT ConnecTech support.  That link shows a telephone number (866.294.3464) and the ConnecTech webpage.

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